Our History

Clinty Chemicals Ltd. was created in 1978 as a means of using indigenous expertise and raw materials to produce unique water treatment chemicals and solutions with dramatically reduced environmental and carbon impact.

Our Business

By actively using recycled products as raw materials, Clinty Chemicals achieve the lowest usage of chemicals whilst producing the best quality water treatment products for the benefit of our customers and our planet. Clinty Chemicals also provide tailored water treatment solutions to our clients from inception to completion, using our expert engineers and consultants to ensure innovation and efficiency is at the core of our solutions.

Our Customers

Clinty Chemicals supply to customers in the UK, Ireland, and Europe. Clinty Chemicals continues to use this out-of-the-box style of thinking by looking at all levels of the water treatment life cycle, from the broader environmental impact issues of production to the regeneration and recycling of the product once used.

Our goals

Clinty Chemicals focus upon the proper balance between social benefit and environmental impact, by providing future-proofed vertically integrated solutions to traditional water treatment problems. Our objective is to help our customers reduce carbon costs and thereby the impact of our society upon the natural world.