Clinty Technologies

Clinty Technologies - lower carbon, lower environmental impact PLUS reduced cost.

Through Clinty's emphasis on reduced environmental impact, lowered carbon technologies and recycling, Clinty now has the ability to project our technologies to the broader international market.

Clinty continues to use an out of the box style of thinking and looks at all levels of the water treatment life cycle, from reduced carbon impact production and use to true end of life recycling technologies.

These include:

A - Clinty Regen - chemi-milling regeneration of chemicals

Winner of the Green Apple and Manufacturing Industry Achievement Awards for environmental achievement, Clinty Regen is the first and still the only fully functional sodium hydroxide and aluminium regeneration plant in Europe. This technology allows our aerospace based customers to vastly reduce their ecological and carbon footprint, whilst drastically reducing chemical usage and disposal per metric tonne of airframe.

The Regen system dramatically improves their operational tolerances, efficiencies and reduces wastage, increases throughput of finished product. Our process removes aluminium as a hydroxide and allows Clinty chemicals to produce its water treatment product from our own recycled materials - a facility unavailable to any other flocculant manufacturer. The Regen process is not exclusive to aerospace applications and can be used by any facility utilising chemical milling or sodium hydroxide/aluminium based production techniques.

Recycling technology such as this allows Clinty to maintain independent control of our own raw material supply whilst further reducing our carbon footprint.

B - Flocculant blends

There are a myriad of different types of raw water whose characteristics are ever changing due to many variables including source, environment and even weather patterns. All these waters present themselves in completely different ways on a daily basis but have historically been treated using a relatively static and standardised mix of chemicals.

This means we use a broad spectrum approach to the treatment of waters which is by its very nature wasteful. Clinty can tailor make our flocculant blends on an ongoing basis to more accurately reflect the changes in these waters and more effectively reduce chemical usage and cost.

C. Sludge re-cycling

Water and waste water treatment waste Sludges inevitably result from the use of chemical treatment and purification of all waters and waste waters. Clinty technologies can recycle these sludges and either retrieve and regenerate the active insoluble metals for re-use or offer alternative usages for the resultant wastes. We actively work with each customer to tailor these solutions to their own specific requirements.

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