Bio-Organic Catalysts are directed at improving water and waste quality by enhancing the underlying biological and chemical processes that are readily found throughout waste management processes. They offer optimisation capabilities in aquaculture, agriculture, odour control, and explicitly anaerobic digestion (AD) where they have a profound effect on bio-gas production. Each BOC is uniquely designed based upon biological test results to aid in;

  • Particulate micronation to increase surface area for cellular digestion. This equates to an increased organic loading rate (OLR) and organic loading per cycle (OLC)
  • Reaching homeostasis
  • Reducing the viscosity leading to lower parasitic power consumption and site maintenance
  • Dissolving FOG’s, which prevents fat layers and increases gas conversion rates If you better want to understand your AD plant’s performance and its full potential, start with a free lab test. Following this analysis, Clinty Chemicals can suggest and highlight any possible improvements and arrange a trial in a pilot 40ft containerised digester

Through our partners, Alps Ecoscience we can provide a range of BOC specific to your companies needs. such as EcoSystem Plus®, Eco-Cat™, Phyto-Cat™ and NONTOX®

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