Ensuring that your waste treatment system is designed accurately, Clinty Chemicals can offer our expertise and experience on a consultancy role for existing plants, new proposals, or an outside opinion on an ongoing contract. Clinty Chemicals not being a manufacturer of any particular technology gives the customer unbiased counsel on helping meet the commercial, technical, and environmental requirements of their project.

Clinty Chemicals work in close cooperation with our customers to help them optimise the total cost of ownership of their water treatment facilities, we can help not only reduce chemical usage, but also make processes less energy and labour intensive resulting in a more safe, reliable, and cost-efficient service.

To be at the very cutting edge of waste treatment processes, we have formulated a highly experienced multidisciplined team to respond to each customer’s unique set of waste treatment challenges, these experts are the mechanism that drives knowledge, reliability, and a smooth, stable flow of operations within our company. At our disposal are a network of industry-leading partners to further complement our know how. Please see below the areas of consultancy we provide;

  • Jar testing- chemical treatment and optimisation
  • Wastewater and trade effluent
  • Anaerobic digestion pre-treatment
  • Activated sludge optimisation
  • Emerging contaminant issues
  • Treatment plant equipment troubleshooting
  • Odour management
  • Process optimisation and control
  • Sludge treatment