Clinty Chemicals team of corporate management, specialised chemical engineers, and industry-leading partners are constantly learning and collaborating with customers to optimise their water treatment processes. Our technical experts have significant industrial water treatment process knowledge and are always looking for synergistic partnerships to help develop new and improved treatment processes.

Purafloc is an example of our desire to seek out future solutions for emerging problems. Working within a key transfer programme, we can provide a process to enable MCPA removal. This product is currently being developed further to provide other formulas for separate contaminant issues.

Working with companies from America, Europe, UK, and Ireland we use our R&D facilities in NI to ensure we bring our customers into the twenty-first century. Keeping with our company objectives, to provide the leading edge of water treatment technology to serve our customers, we encourage possible partners to please contact info@clintychemicals.co.uk if you feel we could help take your product or service to the next level.