What makes us unique?

From inception, the ethos of the Clinty family of companies has been to develop the best balance between our need for clean water and the impact this has upon the world around us.

Clinty has traditionally understood that local human activity can have global impact. In 1978 we launched the original FAS product (ferric aluminium sulphate) manufactured from locally sourced laterite ore. FAS was a vastly different approach from the industry standards as it eliminated complete stages of waste in the production and processing of water treatment flocculants.

Traditional production of FAS resulted only in inert waste, unlike the industry standard aluminium sulphate, which continues to produce a toxic alkaline sludge byproduct, from its refinement process.

We continued this tradition with our award winning Clinty Regen process which recycles aluminium waste from the Aerospace industry and use this recycled raw material in the production of our own low carbon aluminium sulphate.